We manufacture specialized car bodies. Our bodies are characterized by low tare weight, durability and aesthetics of workmanship. In the field of materials, we cooperate with reputable companies, including Dutch, Belgian, French, German and Italian.

Repairs and renovations

We carry out repairs and repairs of car bodies as well as trailers and semi-trailers. We have a qualified crew and specialized service. We repair traffic damage with AC and OC. Professional and professional service, quick lead times.
CargoCar Polska Sp. z o.o.
76-200 Słupsk, Kusowo 28, Poland
  • +48 598 131 815
  • +48 512 306 473
  • info@cargocar.eu
Our company also deals with:
  • installation of tow hooks, towing attachments and fifth wheel coupling
  • repairing and renovating trailers, semi-trailers and cars' bodyworks
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