• 3side tipper or 1 side tipper, only rear side.
  • Lower frame – made from steel sections.
  • Frame and fixing elements are hot dip galvanized.
  • Actuator – MARIZ or Penta (or the other with the same specification.
  • Hydraulic system – Power Pack 12 V or 24 V.
  • Control by cable remote controller, the cable is installed in the driver's cab.
  • In the heavy tippers we mount the Power take-off , piston pump, oil tank, flow divider and hydraulic hoses.
  • Limit switch of tipper.
  • Upper frame of tipper – made from steel and channel sections hot dip galvanized.
  • Floor -small tippers up to 5 tones capacity: steel sheet 2.0mm hot dip galvanized and riveted. Larger tippers that capacity exceeds 6 tones: steel sheet S335 class, 4.0mm, welded and lacquered.
  • Front board height: 400mm, 600mm – aluminum, anodized or steel.
  • Above the front board there is a safety board/ net, protecting the driver's cab.
  • Side boards height: 400mm, 600mm - aluminum, anodized or steel, separated by one central pillar that according to the tipper length and purpose may be removed.
  • Back board height: 400mm, 600mm , tilt and turn, opened by lever situated under the frame of tipper, on the left side at the rear, or by automatic opening system.
  • Side boards can be opened downwardly or swinging – depends on ordered variant.
  • Mudguards with mud flaps.
  • LED clearance lights.
  • Safety side panels at the both sides.
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