CargoCar deals with the production of specialized car bodies

Our bodies are characterized by low tare weight, durability and aesthetics of workmanship. In the field of materials, we cooperate with reputable companies, among others - Dutch, Belgian, French, German and Italian.

In the production of bodies, light and aesthetic materials are used, e.g. polyester laminates, polymer sealants, closed cell polyurethane foams, polyester floor resins, aluminum, polished acid-resistant steel. Closures and hinges are made of electro-polished stainless steel. The body structure is self-supporting, built on the basis of sandwich walls.

For our regular customers, we offer convenient payment terms as well as quick delivery times.

We hope that our offer will meet your expectations.
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Our company also deals with:
  • installation of tow hooks, towing attachments and fifth wheel coupling
  • repairing and renovating trailers, semi-trailers and cars' bodyworks
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