Big horseboxes for the transportation of 5-11 horses

Width Length
2,4 m 3,3 m
The living section: the ceiling and walls are covered with panels, the floor finished with PCV floor covering (standard option). There are 2 windows, their size is 900mm x 500mm. The kitchen equipment: furniture – calvados color, cooker – ceramic board with 2 burners and absorber; microwave; sink; corner couch that can be used for sleeping – synthetic leather – beige color; flap table; 230V/12V fridge that also can be powered by gas from gas cylinder.

The bathroom provides one with hot and cold water, but also: 70cm x 70cm shower; toilet, 130-160L water tank; water pump; water heater; additional battery; installation necessary for functioning of the every system.

Moreover, the horsebox is equipped with: lighting (some elements function with 230V and the other with 12V power supply; the installation is hidden in the walls, behind the panels); parking heating -WEBASTO; aluminum entrance platform, 1,45m width; fan (built in ceiling); power switch; electrical socket that allows to connect to the 230V power supply from outside.

Small horseboxes for the transportation of 2 horses

Walls and ceiling made of sandwich boards, 30mm. Sleeping compartment above the driver's cab is made from laminate material, coated with insulation layer inside. There are 2 tilt windows, mattress on the entire surface, upholstery made from velour, 2 cushions, reading lamps and mesh shelf for personal things.

Horse compartment adapted for two horses. situated along the length of the car. Horses stand facing the rear of the car. The compartment is divided (by partition) into two sections, each for one horse. There are handles to tie the horses to. Polyamide wall's lining up to the height of 1250mm, protects the interior from damaging.

The horsebox is equipped also with side doors (with sliding ladder) that enables one to enter the sleeping compartment and rear doors (with sliding ladder) to enter the horse section. In the horse section there are 2 windows (on the left and right). There is additional window on the right of the sleeping compartment. What is more, horse section has its own roof window.

In addition, on the equipment list are fridge, water tank with soap dispenser, wash-basin in the sleeping section; the balanced ventilation fan in the horse compartment; two boxes at the both sides and additional box on the left accessed from the outside.
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