nadwozia plandekowe
nadwozia plandekowe
nadwozia plandekowe

Support frame box with canvas cover

  • Aluminum subframe or hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Floor made from anti-slip boards.
  • Side boards made from anodized aluminum with the step at the rear side board.
  • If the box length exceeds 4m, there is one central pillar mounted to maintain stability - 1pc at both sides.
  • Front and rear pillar is irremovable.
  • Aluminum support frame.
  • Variety of canvas colors.
  • Wooden safety boards at both sides, above the sideboards.
  • Rear wheels mudguards with mud flaps.
  • Aluminum bumper bars (irremovable).
  • Vehicles marking consistent with traffic regulations.
  • Handles built into the floor for the securing of cargo.

Curtainsider with dropsides

Description as in the Support frame box with canvas cover and in addition:
  • Left and right side – the movable curtain with canvas tensioner.
  • Aluminum side board at the rear 400 mm with a step for entry into the semitrailer, canvas cover above.
  • Wooden safety boards above the side boards at the both sides and rear.
  • Rear door – option available after extra payment.
  • Sliding roof - option available after extra payment.
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